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Just a few testimonials. To see more genuine reviews, take a look at my Google Business page and Facebook page, by searching for Debbie Priestley-Integrated Health Solutions.


I was fortunate enough to find Debbie at a time when I needed support with moving forwards in my professional life. Old ways of thinking and feeling were holding me back. Together we explored the origins of these obstacles and I was blown away with what presented itself under her guidance during the two sessions I had. Results started happening immediately. First in small ways and then in much bigger ways. Although the session was intense, I felt safe and in control throughout. I highly recommend that if you have any issues holding you back that you go and see Debbie.


I saw Debbie for an RTT session to work on my career and pinpoint exactly what was holding me back due to my childhood experiences. It was a very powerful and cleansing session, where I released a lot of stress, anxiety and fears.
Debbie was highly professional throughout and she took her time to understand what I was experiencing. I have been listening to my recording daily and I can feel the blocks disappearing. Thank you Debbie Priestley.


I had one session and listened to my audio for 21 days. 

After only just a few days after the session, my condition improved remarkedly. A condition that had been problematic for around 11 years. As a runner, Debbie has helped me overcome a problem that was affecting my running and holding me back. 

So, if you have any problems, go see Debbie. You won't regret it.

Liz A.

I have had Acupuncture and Sports Therapy from Debbie for a severe case of Sciatia. I was in extreme pain and was told by my GP that it would take months to get better. I had three sessions with Debbie and the pain was gone. Extremely relieved and Grateful.


I had an Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy combination session for Menopause Symptoms and it has helped with my hot flushes and my mood and emotions. Really grateful.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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